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Meet The Weekender

While The Weekender by Wall Street Maker is beautifully designed in terms of style, it's also exceedingly versatile and well constructed. The Weekender doesn’t stop at the visual level. Wall Street Maker understands that exceptional bags must also perform and perform well. Here are some aspects of The Weekender that make it a cut above the rest.

The gorgeous genuine leather exterior, held together with leather piping and high-quality golden stitching ensure this bag can go wherever you want. For Wall Street Maker, high-quality craftsmanship translates into safety, and security for your belongings. Available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Colour Options


The interior of this bag is as impressive as the exterior. Featuring a zippered pocket for your valuables, 3 phone-sized pouches, laptop slot with closing leather strap, and spacious central cavity, The Weekender has you covered. From going to the office to out of town weekend trips, you can rest assured knowing this bag has the versatility to carry everything you need.

The high-quality metal zippers with leather pull ensure fluid, ease of motion when opening and closing the bag. They look fabulous and they certainly don’t fall short on function.

For when your hands get tired, attach the cushioned, genuine leather shoulder strap to give those hands a break. Wall Street Maker gives you the power to wear this bag your way, and no matter how you decide, you’ll be wearing it comfortably.    

Don't worry about dirt or damage from the ground affecting this beautiful bag. With metal feet protecting the bottom of the bag, you can feel at ease when setting your bag down.